Dear Doctor–New Years Resolutions

Dear Doctor: May I offer you some suggestions for your New Years Resolutions? These are a few concerns voiced by my patients.

Please know that RDNs want to be your partner in the care of your patients. We provide so much more than nutrition counseling. RDNs fight food and nutrition fads and teach important cooking skills. As experts in many food, nutrition, health and exercise specialty areas, and we value fitness, lifestyle change and the power of food.

#1 Referrals: I will refer all of my patients to a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.RDNs are the highly trained, science based nutrition experts who can provide the most cost effective services to help your patients achieve positive outcomes. 

#2 Handouts: I won’t provide generic handouts to my patients.RDN services are personalized to each patient. Generic handouts may only serve to keep the patient confused or just make they want to give up because the details seem too confusing or overwhelming to implement. With all of the multiple health problems that most patients have, the RDN is the perfect person to blend all nutritional needs into one eating plan. RDNs know that small changes, tailored to each patient’s goals leads to a lifetime of healthy changes.

#3 Cost: I won’t assume that my patients cannot afford to see the RDN.Did you know that most insurance plans to cover dietitian services for medical nutrition therapy?  Many patients want personalized nutrition counseling services are willing to pay out of pocket. Most initial sessions with an RDN are no more expensive than the cost of a spa treatment or hair appointment. 

#4 Dr. Google?: I won’t send patients to the Internet for nutrition and diet advice. I will offer further nutrition counseling from and RDN for my patients. You can easily send your patients to Here they can search on a list of RDNs with the specific expertise they are looking for, in the zip code nearest them. Even better, you can develop a list of RDN referral sources. You can also find licensed dietitians through your state board of licensure for health professionals. Or just google……Registered Dietitians. I found 5.5 million results.

#5 Fad Diets: I won’t recommend the latest fad diet to my patients. Fad diets are rarely healthy, restrict major food groups and do not promote a lifetime of healthful eating. The RDN is ready and able to dispel all nutrition fads and provide the science based reasoning behind healthy lifestyle choices. 

Linda Farr Nutritious Table nutritionist

Linda T. Farr Elected Speaker of the House of Delegates for 2016-2017

June 1, 2016

SAN ANTONIO – Registered dietitian nutritionist Linda T. Farr RDN, LD, FAND, owner of Nutrition Associates of San Antonio, begins her one-year term on June 1 as the 2016-2017 Speaker of the House of Delegates for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals.

An Academy leader for many years, Farr served for three years on the Academy’s Board of Directors and nine years in the House of Delegates as a two-term Texas Academy Delegate and a member of House Leadership Team. She also participates in Texas and national public policy advocacy for nutrition and public health issues.

Farr said that her priorities are to enhance member communications and to advance the role of food and nutrition professionals for all populations. “The House of Delegates, as the voice of members, governs the profession, develops leaders and plans for mega issue trends that will influence our profession and the food, nutrition and health environment,” Farr said. “I am proud to lead our delegates as we prepare for the Academy’s Second Century in 2017 and our important role as key leaders in population health, education, research and healthcare.”

Farr is a past president of the Texas Academy and San Antonio and Dallas districts, the Texas Academy’s 2011 Distinguished Dietitian of the Year, and was named a 2005 Healthcare Hero by the San Antonio Business Journal. She is an appointee to the Mayor’s Fitness Council and a volunteer for San Antonio’s Por Vida! Healthy Restaurant Initiative, where she was instrumental in the development of nutritional guidelines for diabetes-friendly restaurant choices and healthy vending criteria.

Farr established Nutrition Associates of San Antonio in 1995, to provide personalized medical nutrition therapy to teens and adults. She is a referral source for over three hundred MDs in the San Antonio area and a dietetic internship preceptor. As a professional speaker, Farr speaks to a variety of organizations around the country and also provides media interviews, wellness classes and recipe nutrition analysis.

Farr is a graduate of Iowa State University and completed her dietetic internship at the University of Iowa-College of Medicine.


Media interviews with Farr may be arranged by contacting or 210-735-2402. Visit